This is my candy crush saga. And the one I am sticking too.

There are 4 level types atm Jelly, Time Ingridients and Moves levels.


  • Get ready for dreamworld! There are tons of new levels coming! but beware. Some dreamworld levels are not easy at all. 
    Abandoned Shed


Name Levels Difficulty New Thing
Flying Fudge 1-10 Medium Level types, Jelly, Double Jelly
Lemon Creek 11-20 Medium Moves Levels, Regular Icing
Key Lime Park 21-35 Considerably Hard Limes, 2 layer Icing, Chocolate
Sandy Sundae 36-50 Considerably Hard Travelators, Teleporters
Apple Airport 51-65 Medium

Candy Order Levels, Marmelade

Juicy Jungle 66-80 Hard 3 Layer Icing, Sour Bubblegum
Radish Rally 81-95 Considerably Easy Bombs, Coffee
Lucky Lake 96-110 Medium Candy Cannon
 Pomegranate Playground 111-125 Considerably Hard Chocolate Spawners, Licorice Swirls
Steam Fry Savannah 126-140 Medium

Bomb Levels

Pancake Palaza  141-155 Considerably Easy

Gummy Candy

Ghostly Grapes 156 - 170 Considerably Easy Nothing

Chocolate Choir

Salty Sky
Fig Funhouse

Soap Spa

Funny Farmhouse
Caremel City


Name Levels Difficulty
Fudge Forest 1-10 Considerably Hard
Ice Spike Island 11-20 Hard
Gummy Glass 21-35 Medium
Dry Dry Desert 36-50 Medium
Abandoned Shed 51-65 Very Hard
Radical Ruins 66-80 Medium
Big Winner 81-95 Medium

Ice Cream Island

96-110 Hard
Plum Park 111-125 Medium
Historical Highway 126-140

Considerably Easy

Breakfest Blast
Paranormal Pomegranites
Munching Museum
Apricot Airway

Flashlight Factory

Mangosteen Minerals
Latte Lowdown
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