These elements are present in (CC811), which not present in original Crush Saga Wiki Candy Crush Saga.

Candy type
Level type
Candy Cannon
Element Description & properties 1st Level
Strawberry (Strawberry.png) New ingredient 11
Chocolate levels (Chocolate levels) In these levels, the player must remove all the chocolate. 111
Strawberry Chocolate (Strawberry Chocolate) Spread like brown chocolate, but is no sensitive to special candies. It's like a regular icing that can spread 141
Strawberry Chocolate Spawner (Strawberry Chocolate Spawner) Spawn Strawberry Chocolate 160
Double Lock (Double Lock) Same as licorice lock. but need two matches to destroy. 171
Double Marmalade (Double Marmalade) Same as marmalade, but take two matches to destroy. 186
Cyan Candy (Cyan.png) 7th candy. 216
Pink candy (Pink.png) 8th candy. 223
Toffee (Toffee) Spread with adjacent match. 246
White Chocolate (1-layered White Chocolate) Double as regular chocolate! 261
White chocolate spawner (White Chocolate Spawner) Spawn white chocolate! 263
Coloring Candy (Coloring Candy Blue.png) The Coloring Candy will burst and then spew out its coloring bubbles on all candies (including special candies and bottles) of another color that is dominant on the board, thereby coloring them into its color. 276
Colored Icing (Colored Regular Icing) They are same as the white regular icing, but to destroy them, you must make a match adjacent of candies with its same color or using special candies (any color) to destroy. 291
Rainbow Candy Bomb (Rainbow Candy Bomb) Change your colours like a rainbow candy! 310
Triple Jelly (Triple Jelly) Triple jelly. 321
Caramel levels (Caramel Levels) In these levels you need to spread caramels squares in every square in the board. Like jam levels in CCSS. 351
Jelly Tube (Jelly Tube) Protects a candy/element/blocker from being touched/swapped. But can be hit by special candies. Regular matches cannot remove it. 366
6, 7 and 8 layered icings (6-layered Icing, 7-layered Icing and 8-layered Icing) Have more layers. 396, 397 and 415 respectively.
Candy Collector (Candy Crusher) Collects automatically a candy inside of them if this candy have the same color of collector.  Ex: Red candy collector only collect red candies. 426
Fudge (Fudge) A stationary blocker which can only be removed via special candies. Also, resist striped candies effect like licorice swirl. 456
Dark purple candy (8 Color Boards) Same as Candy Crush Soda Saga 487
Ice and Hardened Ice (Ice Hardened Ice) A two layered blocker: The 2nd layer blocks the effect  of striped candy, like Licorice Swirl. The 1st layer not. Also, encase things in it. 531
Blocker levels (Blocker Levels) You must clear all destructible blockers presents in the screen. 546
Bitter Chocolate (Bitter Chocolate) See info here! 561
Gold Coconut Wheel (Golden Coconut Wheel) See info here! 593
Mint (Mint) A block that explodes when destroyed. 606
Vertical Striped Mint (Vertical Striped Mint) Explodes the entire row, similar to striped candy. 607
2-layered Mint (2-layered Mint) Takes two hits to destroy. Note, mint only explode when fully destroyed. 612
3-layered Mint (3-layered Mint) Takes three hits to destroy. Note, mint only explode when fully destroyed 613
Metal Box (Metal Box) A indestroyable and stationary blocker that blocks the effect of striped candies. 636
Jawbreaker (Jawbreaker) A stationary blocker, you need to make at least one adjacent match with each candy color in the board to destroy it - and it wipes the board once, like the cake bomb, when cleared. 651
Double licorice swirl (Double Licorice Swirl) They have two layers that block striped candy effects. 597 (Unnofficially) 666 (Officially)
Jelly Cake (Jelly Cake) Similar to cake bomb, but only one piece can be removed at time by matches/special candy effects. 696
Dead Exit (Dead Exit) Ingredients get destroyed when dropped in these exits, and cause a game over! 714
Mystery UFO (Mystery UFO) Shoots 3 random things in thee random squares. 726
Candy Bomb UFO (Candy Bomb UFO) Shoots 3 candy bombs in thee random squares. 741
Triple Licorice Swirl (Triple Licorice Swirl) A three layered licorice swirl with all layers that block striped candy effect. 756
Cupcake Cupcake Base  2-layered Cupcake  3-layered Cupcake  4-layered Cupcake  5-layered Cupcake Ported from Soda Saga. Similar to icings, but they have different properties that they can regrow after 2 moves you don't clear them and then every move after its original size. 771 (Cupcake Base  2-layered Cupcake) 773 (3-layered Cupcake) 802 (4-layered Cupcake) 810 (5-layered Cupcake)
Colored Jelly (Colored Jelly) These jellies can only be cleared by matchings candies which have same color as the jelly. 821
Jelly UFO (Jelly UFO) Shot 3 jellies in random locations on the board. Layers vary. 841
Jelly Fish UFO (Jelly Fish UFO) Shoot 3 jelly fishes in random locations of the board. 844
Black Box (Black Box) A invasive blocker like Licorice Swirl that can only be removed by special candies. Ported from Pet Rescue Saga. 861
Black Box Cannon () Dispense black boxes. 862
Super Toffee Tornado (Super Toffee Tornado) Like regular toffee tornado, but is 2 times larger, and because that, occups 4 spaces. Two special candies hits remove them. They have same caracteristics of Toffee Tornado 881
Toffee Tornado Spawner (Toffee Tornado Spanwer) Spawn toffee tornado every 5 moves. 901
Candy Rocket (Candy Rocket) See info here! 921
Licorice Cane (Licorice Cane) See info here! 941
Sugar Tornado (Sugar Tornado) Have same caracteristics as Toffee Tornado, but makes holes on the board instead of a crack. They moves every 4 moves instead of 2. 981
Anti-Order levels (Reverse Order Levels) In these levels, the player must not collect the orders listed in the order panel. See more info here! 1001
Jelly Spawner (Jelly Spawner) Acts like a magic mixer, but spawn jellies. 1061
Level CC811
Level CC811
Level CC811
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