TTS Firework

Firework level icon

Firework levels are one of the sixteen level types in Tasty Tour Saga. This level type's icon is red with a white firecracker.

The first firework level is Level 27. After its introduction, there are usually 2 - 6 firework levels per episode.


To win a firework level, the player must bring all the required firecrackers down to the fire string to ignite them. Unlike ingredients, the player has to make firecrackers. They come in all 8 colors.

  • Step 1: The player must activate a firecracker spawner, turning it from pink to any color with the same way as clearing jellies/frostings.
TTS Firework level 1
  • Step 2: Once the firecracker spawner is activated, the player must collect a certain amount of candies of that color to make a firecracker.
TTS Firework level 2
  • Step 3: After making a firecracker, the spawner will turn pink again, and must be activated again to make more firecrackers. The player must bring it down to the fire string to ignite it.
TTS Firework level 3
  • Step 4: When a firecracker is ignited, it clears all candies, cookies, licorice swirls, squares of chocolate and one layer of multilayered blockers that are above it. It doesn't clear squares of popcorn. 10,000 points are awarded for each firecracker ignited.
TTS Firework level 4

If there are 2 or more firecracker spawners activated with the same color at the same time, the collected candies will be for the first spawner activated.

If you make a match with a different color on an activated spawner, it will become the color of the matched candies. This only happens in levels where firecrackers of more than one color are required.

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