Green Frosting Bomb

Frosting Bomb, also known as "ice bomb" in some fanons, is a semi-special candy-blocker element in some fanons. This element does not appear in the original Candy Crush Saga.


In CCR, this element has many unique properties. They are similar to regular candy bomb, but have a snowflake on them. They have a move count like regular ones, but when they hit 0, they burst out the 3-layered ice cubes surrounding them instead of exploding the entire board, and convert themselves to a regular candy under the ice cubes.

According to their effects, it can be a dreadful threat if the player does not remove them in time. In addition, they are not worth any points unlike regular ones.


In S2CCS, Frosting Bombs are known as Ice Bombs, and they behave differently than in CCR, even though they have the same appearance. The ice bombs award a 3000 point bonus when destroyed, and they decrease their counters by 1 every move. However, instead of ending the game when their counters reach 0, Ice Bombs detonate, destroying 12 surrounding candies in a diamond pattern. Hence, they behave like the Frostblooms in Bejeweled Stars, except they can be matched and cleared like a regular candy bomb. If the Ice Bombs are destroyed before reaching 0, only the point bonus is awarded. Ice Bombs are introduced at Level 1441.

Sugar Saga

In Candy Crush Sugar Saga, they will appear in the 90th episode, in level 1336. They have the same caracteristics and behaviors as CCR.


In C437CCS, ice bombs act like they do in S2CCS. Ice Bombs are introduced at Level 1136.


Frosting bombs first appear in Level 984. They only appear in frosting levels and mixed levels with frosting objectives. They behave differently in UCCS: when they explode, as they create a 3x3 square of double frosting when their counters reach 0. This can make many frosting levels harder, such as Level 1170, which already has popcorn blocking most of the frosting.

They still tick even when under a toffee tornado.

There is a variant of this blocker, which is introduced earlier in Level 796: jelly bombs. They act the same, except it is double jelly instead of double frosting that is created. This can make Level 798, 1338 and 1833 way harder.

This is the last blocker introduced in UCCS before moving tiles, at Level 1182, 198 levels later.

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