Frozen Candy is a special candy in Candy Crush Jelly Saga that is only used in chocolate levels. It appears for first time in the 25th episode, Fudge Fantasy. The first level in which it is featured is Level 351, although it can come out of a mystery candy in Coco Clouds onward.


When it is matched, the Frozen Candy freeze the chocolate, white chocolate, toffee tornadoes and chocolate spawners during 3 moves

If multiple Frozen Candies are matched at the same time, they are activated together. Example: If two Frozen Candies are matched, they will be activated, and the freeze will last 6 moves.

When Sugar Crush, any Frozen Candies (only in Chocolate levels) that are left on the board will be converted into colour bombs and will be set off.


  • Like Lucky Candies and Extra Time Candies, frozen candies can not be mixed and they are exclusive for their level type.
  • It is the first fan element of CCJS.
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