Gelatine Gardens is the fifty-first episode of Candy Crush Saga: Candies Revenge.


This episode contains levels 741 to 755. This episode is reference to Marmalade Meadow. This episode breaks the trend of a high amount of jelly levels. There are none of them.

This episode is generally medium. Almost most levels are rated "medium". But some levels such as level 747 are pretty easy. This is much easier than Marmalade Meadow.

Note: Hardest level in the original episode becomes easiest like level 102, 410, and 461.

There are 8 Ingredients levels Ingredients Icon, and 7 Candy order levels Candy Order Icon.

Level Type Moves Target Score Goal Candy Colors Difficulty
741 Candy Order Icon 40 5
742 Ingredients Icon 42 5
743 Candy Order Icon 5
744 Candy Order Icon 5
745 Candy Order Icon 5
746 Candy Order Icon 5
747 Ingredients Icon 55 5 Very easy
748 Ingredients Icon 40 5 Medium
749 Candy Order Icon 5
750 Ingredients Icon 5
751 Candy Order Icon 5
752 Ingredients Icon 5
753 Ingredients Icon 5
754 Ingredients Icon 5
755 Ingredients Icon 55 5


  • This is the third episode in CCR reality not to have jelly levels.
  • This is an another episode that all levels in the episode has 5 candy colors.
  • This is the fourth episode in which hardest level in original becomes easiest. Another are Kebab Canyon, Candy Concerto, and Crazy Countryside.
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