TTS Gelatine

Gelatine level icon

Gelatine levels are one of the sixteen level types in Tasty Tour Saga. This level type's icon is light green with two white squares with a white outline square on the right square.

The first gelatine level is Level 71.


To win a gelatine level, the player must turn every tile of the board into green gelatine by matching candies before you run out of moves. Gelatine can come in two colors: red and green.

Horizontal matches on normal tiles turn a whole row into red gelatine. Vertical matches on normal tiles turn a whole column into red gelatine. Making matches in red gelatine will turn a whole column or row into green gelatine.

Matches in a square or in the letter "P" or "Q" will only turn their respective tiles into gelatine and not a column or a row. Matches in the letter "T" or "+" shape turn their column and their row into gelatine.

Jelly fish targets tiles without any gelatine if fish is on a normal tile or on a red gelatine and turns only that tile into red gelatine. If the jelly fish is on green gelatine, it targets tiles without any gelatine and turns only that tile into green gelatine directly. A jelly fish in green gelatine never targets red gelatines, unless there aren't tiles without any gelatine.

Striped candies effects (striped candy + striped candy and striped candy + wrapped candy combinations too) can turn tiles into gelatine as well, either horizontally or vertically. Wrapped candies (and wrapped candy + wrapped candy combinations) only turn the affected tiles into gelatine and not to their respective columns or rows.

If there are no blockers; a color bomb + color bomb combination turns every normal tile into red gelatine and every red gelatine into green gelatine; and a color bomb + coloring candy combination turns every tile into green gelatine directly.

If the player makes matches in a column or row with blockers (except cookies), the tiles with blockers won't be turned into gelatine. Also, those blockers, candy canes and empty spaces can block the spread of the gelatine, so none of the candies below or behind them are turned into gelatine. Tiles without candies won't block the gelatine spread and can turn into gelatine.

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