Gelato Gorge is the 2nd Episode of Candy Crush Saga Olaf : (CCSO) and it Will Contain Levels 11 - 20

There is a one hard level in this episode Like Level 12

Before Episode

The Sun is melting the only Gelato left at the Gorge.

After Episode

Tiffi switches the seasons from summer to winter and more gelato grows.

Previous Episode : Apple Arena

Next Episode : Honeysuckle Hills


Easiest Level : Level 13 CCSO

Hardest Level : Level 12 CCSO

Level 11 CCSO

Level 12 CCSO

Level 13 CCSO

Level 14 CCSO

Level 15 CCSO

Level 16 CCSO

Level 17 CCSO

Level 18 CCSO

Level 19 CCSO

Level 20 CCSO

Difficulty of Episode : Easy

Champion Title

Fruity Farmer

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