Level 801 (CCJS)

Level 801 is the first level to have Ghost.

Ghost is a stationary blocker in Candy Crush Jelly Saga. It appears for first time in the 55th episode, Frightful Frenzy. The first level in which it is featured is Level 801. This blocker was created by Hyper Mystery.


Ghost can remove a colour from the board for 5 moves. To activate him, you will have to remove all blockers that are around him.

  • 8-colour levels: He removes the cyan, yellow, red, purple or orange candy from the board.
  • 7-colour levels: He removes the cyan, yellow, red, purple or orange candy from the board.
  • 6-colour levels: He removes the yellow, red, purple or orange candy from the board.
  • 5-colour levels: He removes the red, purple or orange candy from the board.
  • 4-colour levels: He removes the purple or orange candy from the board.
  • 3-colour levels: He removes the orange candy from the board.
  • 2-colour levels: He doesn't remove any colour.

Ghost can't remove blue candy, green candy and dark purple candy. If multiple Ghosts are triggered at the same time, they are activated one by one. For example, if two ghosts are activated, will be remove a colour for 10 moves.


First Appearance Latest Appearance
Level 801 ???

Levels with Ghosts

15 levels have Ghosts.


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