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Ice (also known as Ice Cube) is a blocker in S2CCS.

Appearance and properties

The Ice blocker looks like an ice cube, but the transparency has been set to 128 so as to see through it.

Ice is a rather unusual blocker. Like marmalade, it will encase candies, but candies encased in ice can't be used in matches. They can't be transformed into striped candies by a colour bomb+striped combination either- an important point that Level 290 demonstrates. Hence, ice can only be destroyed by special candies, or matches made next to it. If a colour bomb targets a candy next to an ice cube, the ice cube will disappear.

The most unusual aspect of this blocker is that it can encase most blockers. Only marmalade, locks (both single and double), bubblegum, honey and chests are immune to being trapped in ice. When a blocker is encased in ice, it loses its properties until the ice is removed. For example, encased chocolate can't spread, encased swirls can't resist striped candies and encased twisters can't move. The only exception is Candy Bombs- they will still count down as normal.


Ice will be introduced at Level 286

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