The Ice Cube is a blocker which appears in some fanons. It originates from Candy Crush Soda Saga.


  • The Ice Cube usually behaves in the same way as it does in Candy Crush Soda Saga:
    • It can have up to 6 layers and can be empty or encasing candies or other blockers.
    • They can be destroyed the same way as icing.
    • In some fanons they can be spawned by magic mixers or frosting bombs.


In T9CCS the ice cube blocker has only up to 2 layers and functions differently: It can be moved around or spawned from dispensers like a licorice swirl, but it can only be removed by matching the candy underneath or special candies. The single ice cube first appears at Level 286 in the 21st episode, while the double variant appears first at level 451 in the 32nd episode. Frosting Bombs will also create these ice cubes. Also, ice cubes don't block special candy effects, but licorice swirls under ice cubes do.


The ice cubes in CCR are introduced in Candy Cliffs, 91st episode. However, only the first three layers are debut. They have the same properties as ones in Candy Crush Soda Saga. The three-layered ice cubes can be also generated by exploding frosting bombs since Whipped Wonderland, 94th episode. It's not confirmed when the thicker ice cubes are introduced.


  • This is one of the elements that didn't appear in the original game but appeared in one of the sequels instead.


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