Hazelnut  Cherry  Strawberry

Ingredients are items in fanons that need bringing down in ingredients levels and sometimes mixed levels which require ingredients. There are two different ingredients: cherries and hazelnuts but some fanons add more ingredient types like strawberries.

In most fanons, they fall randomly in the early part of the game, and from a certain point onwards they can come out from a candy cannon or even from a lucky candy. These objects fall and can be switched like regular candies, however, they cannot be matched with any other candy and they cannot even be matched with a Color Bomb or any other special candy, nor will they be destroyed by any blockers or other elements (unless glitch has occurred). If there is a shuffle the ingredient will stay put.

Like all candies, ingredients can fall through a teleporter but cannot make it past a blocker. When an ingredient reaches a layer with the green arrow on, the ingredient is collected and the player gets 10,000 points. However, you must make a valid move to collect an ingredient. You cannot swap it with a non-matching candy at the exit without a Free Switch.


In Candy Crush Sugar Saga, there are five types of ingredients: Cherries, hazelnuts, strawberries, pineapples and grapes.

Cherry and hazelnut (Hazelnut  Cherry)

Same as the real game.

Strawberry (Strawberry)

Same as cherry and hazelnut, but strawberries are resistant to striped candy effects. Strawberries appear for the first time in level 80.

Pineapple (Pineapple)

Every 2 moves, pineapples can move up.

Grape (Grape)

Grapes can be destroyed with 2 special candy hits. If a grape gets destroyed, they will break and a new grape will be spawn after a predetermined number of moves.


There are three ingredient types: Cherries, Hazelnuts and Strawberries. There is no difference between them.


Just like in T9CCS, there are cherries, hazelnuts, and strawberries, and they all behave exactly the same.


Hazelnuts and cherries appear at the same time as ingredient levels, and there is no difference between them. UCCS also introduces the ingredient wall, at Level 963. It is like normal ingredients, except the occupy more spaces vertically. They are never made with cherries, only with hazelnuts. They only appear in 12 levels (963, 970, 1200, 1525, 1600, 1820, 1875, 1894, 1925, 1946, 1955 and 1961), making them the rarest item in UCCS. Level 1820 is the only level to have all the 3 ingredient types.