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Ingredients Levels (A.K.A. Drop Down Levels) are one of level types in Candy Crush Saga Fanon Wiki. This level type's icon is green with a white arrow facing downwards.


In CCR, the first ingredients levels is Level 3. Ingredients levels are the most common level type, with 495 levels currently, making up 33.90% of all levels. On average, episodes have 5.05 ingredients levels.

Unlike most games, ingredients levels in this game are very common. There are a very few episodes to have fewer than 4. Every episode except Funny Factory have at least two. As a result, CCR is the only game that ingredients levels are much more common than the real game.

Most ingredients levels are easy or very easy. Ingredients levels are easier than jelly, candy order, and hybrid levels. They are considered overall more difficult than Moves levels. Earlier ingredients levels are easier than later ones. Newer ingredients levels can be as hard as jelly are. Like Level 428, Level 760, Level 803, and Level 810.

Many ingredient levels are easy. They generally have few colors. There are very few ingredients levels to have 6 colors. But there are very few difficult ingredients levels like Level 428 and 676. However, the later ingredients levels are much harder than the earlier ones.

Certain levels do have misplaced ingredients. Switching an ingredient left or right is the hardest things to do when it comes to ingredient levels. This requires luck and future prediction in order to set up a horizontal ingredient switch. Some levels require switching or else a player will not win the level. However, the levels such that are extremely rare and not so common as insanely hard jelly levels, which are extremely common in CCR.

After world 10 the ingredients levels are less frequent. However, since world 19, ingredients levels are much more common.

There are 11 ingredients levels in Chewy Castle and 12 in Parfait Paradise.


The first Ingredients level is Level 4. Ingredients levels are quite rare in S2CCS. Episodes with only 3 or even 2 Ingredients levels are usual, with only a few bucking the trend.

A few Ingredients levels have stuck zones incorporated into their design, such as 112, but these are not common.


In CC071, Ingredients levels are not as common as in the original game, and usually there are up to 3 or 4 in an episode (one exception is Fizzy Forest which has 5). However, many episodes don't have any at all (like Outstanding Outback, Uplifting Underwater, etc.). They start to be more common in the 1000s. The first Ingredients level is Level 11.


In CCS3, Ingredients levels are not plentiful.


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In T9CCS, Ingredients levels are the most common level type, even being more common than jelly/candy order levels. The first level is level 21.


In this game, the first ingredient level is level 16. As of the release of Lollipop Lagoon, there are 8 ingredients levels (17.78% of levels). They are somewhat less common than the original, with 2-4 in an episode most of the time. A few episodes have only 1, but almost no episodes lack them altogether.


They are among the more common types in this fanon, with most episodes seeing an average of three or four Ingredients levels. Like Jelly levels, they are also one of the harder types in C437CCS. The first Ingredients level is Level 7.  


  • In CCSM, the player has to bring all the ingredients to the bottom before running out of moves. Each ingredient is worth 10,000 points.


Introduced at Level 16, you must take all the ingredients to the exits. They are common, with 2-4 of them each episode. There are 2 main ingredients - Cherries and Hazelnuts. Few levels have some special ingredients with special properties.

Some new ingredients are TBA. More types of exits are also present, with new types appearing in higher levels.


Ingredients levels are introduced at Level 7 and are quite abundant. Most episodes trend to have at least 3 ingredients levels, and up to 8. The number of ingredients to bring down can be as low as one to as high as 90 (level 45 and 1800). Cherries and hazelnuts are the main ingredients, but starting from level 963, there can be ingredient walls: ingredients taking many spaces on the same column. You must bring them to the ingredient exits and avoid dead exits (starting from level 662, these are exits which destroy an ingredient or an ingredient wall). Strawberries do not exist in UCCS.

All milestones of the game have ingredient requirements (mixed or not). Level 2000 is an exception since it's a timed level. Level 600 was also an exception before it was changed to a mixed level (it was a jelly level, now it is jelly+ingredients).

Nekomata's Candy Crush Saga

Ingredients levels are first seen in Level 11. The player is required to bring down ingredients until it is directly on top of a green arrow. When all of the ingredients are brought down, Sugar Crush will activate and turn the number of remaining moves into striped candies at random positions.


To win an ingredients level, the player must bring all the required Ingredients down to the bottom of the board (or anywhere where there is a green arrow).

There are usually 2 types of Ingredients a player will have to bring down: cherries and hazelnuts, but some fanons may also have the third ingredient - strawberry. Some levels require cherries, some require hazelnuts, some require strawberries and some require all. A certain number of each will have to be brought down to complete the level. 10,000 points are awarded for each ingredient collected.

The ingredients fall like normal candies. They come in through the top of the board, usually after another ingredient has been cleared. Some levels start with the ingredients already on the board, and sometimes the ingredients come out of a dispenser.

When all ingredients have been collected, a striped candy is made for every move remaining, giving 3,000 points for each. Then each of the striped candies activate themselves.

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