Jam Jungle is the ninth episode in Trinket9's Candy Crush Saga and the third episode in World II.

Episode 9
World II
Levels 106 - 120
Character Unknown
New features 071Jam.png
Difficulty Undetermined
Released 18th March 2018
Quest progression
Previous Next
Candy Castle Bonbon Boulevard

New Things

  • Jam levels (071Jam.png) at level 106: levels in which you must spread the jam over the entire board!


Jam Jungle contains levels 106 - 120.

071Moves.png 071Timed.png 071Jelly.png 071Ingredients.png 071Order.png 071Chocolate.png 071Jam.png 071Icing.png 071Energy.png 071AntiOrder.png 071Mixed.png Pipeline levels
1 1 1 2 1 1 8 0 0 0 0 0


  • This episode has alliteration.
  • This episode is the episode with the most 7-color levels in the entire game. There are as much as 3!
  • This episode was originally called Jammin' Jungle, but it was renamed before release.
  • Level 115 does not follow the regular color pattern.
  • Level 120 is a reference to Level 147 in the original game.
  • The gap between this episode and the one that introduced the previous level type is only 2 episodes! It is the shortest gap between level types that are not in the original game.
  • Despite this episode introducing a new level type, all level types introduced to date are included.
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