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Jelly is an element in Candy Crush Saga fanons. It is the main target of jelly levels. It can only be cleared by matching the candy on it, or with the effects of special candies.

In some fanons like Candy Crush Sugar Saga or Courtemanche437's Candy Crush Saga, jelly can be a source of points in moves levels and timed levels. Level 158 CCSS, Level 332 CCSS and Level 350 (C437CCS) are examples.


In this fanon, there are currently two types of jelly with more planned:

Name First Appearance Properties
Single Jelly Level 9 Takes one hit to break
Double Jelly Level 26 Takes two hits to break
Triple Jelly Level ??? Takes three hits to break
Quadruple Jelly Level ??? Takes four hits to break
Colored Jelly Level ??? Can only be hit with candies of its color


There are four different types of jelly. In earlier levels, double jelly is standard with single ones appearing sporadically, but after the introduction of triple jelly it becomes the standard jelly square in jelly or mixed levels. After the introduction of colored jelly in the far future, they appear in some levels, but way less than the regular variants. Over time their number starts to decrease, and episodes without a single level with colored jelly are common. In later levels, jellies of any type may appear in moves or timed levels as a source of extra points. Quadruple jelly may exist some day, but it's not planned so far.

Name Icon Layers First Appearance Properties
Single jelly Single Jelly 1 Level 11 Takes one hit to break.
Double jelly Double Jelly 2 Level 24 Takes two hits to break.
Triple jelly Triple Jelly 3 TBA Takes three hits to break.
Colored jelly Colored Jelly 1 TBA Can only be broken with candies of its color.


  • Similar like original Candy Crush, there are two jelly types. Each jelly cleared (include two-layered jelly is cleared down to one-layered jelly) is worth 1,000 points.


  • In this fanon, there will be four jelly types.
Name Icon Layers First Appearance Properties
Single Jelly Single Jelly 1 Level 6 Takes one hit to remove.
Double Jelly Double Jelly 2 Level 10 Takes two hits to remove. 
Colored Jelly Colored Jelly 1 Level 1376 Can only be removed with candies of its color.
Triple Jelly Triple Jelly 3 Level 1406 Takes three hits to remove.

Candy Crush Special Saga

Chocolate Jelly

  • Single Jelly, Double Jelly, Colored Jelly and Chocolate Jelly will appear. Chocolate Jelly is a new type of jelly that spreads each move if none is cleared (much like chocolate).

hhhjk's candy crush saga

on hhkCCS jelly typpes are : single jelly ,double jelly , triple jelly now

jelly type level appear properties
single jelly level 6 single jelly remove with 1 match
double jelly level 14 double jelly remove with 2 matches
triple jelly level 23 triple jelllt remove with 3 matches