Jelly Peak is the fourth episode of Typical Candy Saga

The plot involves Bean, being tired and wanting to rest, wants to find a spot to sleep, but can´t find one.

New Features

New Name First Appearance
Locked Regular Icing0
Locked Regular Icing Level 31
Locked chocolate Locked Chocolate Level 33
Locked Licorice Swirl1
Locked Licorice Swirl Level 36
Ingredients Dispenser1
Ingredient Dispenser Level 31
Striped Candy Dispenser
Striped Candy Dispenser Level 35
Timed Icon Timed Levels Level 34


Gamemode Levels
Moves Icon 40
Jelly Icon 32 and 33
Ingredients Icon 31 and 37 
Candy Order Icon 38 and 39
Timed Icon 34 and 36
Hybrid 35

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