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Jelly color Levels are one of the level types in Candy Crush Saga Fanon Wiki. This level type's icon is split in two colors, green on the left and red on the right and with a white square in the middle.


In CCR, they will appear very late. At level 1701. And after that, they are still not very common, with 1 or 2 jelly color levels in an episode.


In CCSS, they appear at level 631. They aren't very common. Usually episodes with this type have 1 to 3 jelly color levels.


In CCES, they appear very late, at Level 2241. Here, they can have multiple layers - They can start at any colour. Here is the procedure:

  1. Blue
  2. Black
  3. Green
  4. Red

On moving on Red, they turn Green which again turns red and so on. (Blue and black are similar to Double and Triple Jelly versions of Green).

They start replacing Jelly levels, and by 2500, Jelly levels are phased out.


They appear in Level 106, and they are very rare afterwards, with most episodes only having one and some absolutely none. It is an extremely hard level type most of the time, second only to unscore levels. They are not common in mixed levels either, the first mixed level with jelly colour objective being Level 110.


The first Jelly Color level in C437CCS will be Level 1541, and they will be rare because they appear so late into the game. Usually only 1 or 2 levels in an episode will have Jelly Color levels

Esh's Casual Candy Crush Saga

The first jelly color level in ECCCS is Level 166. Jelly color levels can get annoying quickly, mostly because green jelly can turn back red. In mixed levels, the jelly color type can still combine with the regular jelly type. Most jelly color levels are hard, even near their introduction.

Candy Crush Special Saga

Cyan Jelly.png (Light Jelly)
JellyDarkPurple.png (Dark Jelly)
In this fanon, this level type is first introduced in the 36th episode. The objective is to turn all "dark" jellies to "light" jellies. Because coloured jelly already exists, this fanon uses cyan and indigo jellies as "light" and "dark" ones, respectively. Other than that, the objective is essentially the same.


The first jelly colour level is level 21, before making a return in level 49. Non-functional coloured jelly is introduced in level 6.


To complete this level type, the player must turn all jellies on the board from red to green with the same method as clearing regular jellies, but green jellies can be also back to red with the same method as well. It's considered a very difficult level type.



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