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Juice Levels are one of the level types in Candycrush071's Candy Crush. This level type doesn't exist in the original game.

In CC071, Juice levels are not very common, especially because they are introduced very late (in Level 1001). The song played in this level type is the same as the Jelly song on mobile (Ingredients song on Facebook).


To win a juice level, the player must collect all the straws. To do that, you must either take the straw to the juice in a similar way to taking an ingredient to the exit in Ingredients levels, or fill the square in which the straw is with juice, by breaking blockers, matching juice bottles, or hitting juice squeezers with special candies. When the straw is encased by a straw lock or sugarcube, only the second option can be done because the straw cannot be moved anymore. If it's encased by a sugarcube, it will be collected at the same time as the sugarcube is destroyed. If it's encased by a straw lock, it will be collected only after you break the lock. Collecting a straw will give you 10,000 points.

When all the straws have been collected, a striped candy is made for every move remaining, giving 3,000 points for each. Then each of the striped candies activate themselves.

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