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Level 1,000 (Ball Saga)

L1.000 BS Current Dream

L1.000 BS Current Settle Dream

Episode Candy Crush Ball Saga Dreamworld
Type 071Mixed
Requirements 10,000 points
Red: 400

600 energies using 1 as max

Moves Moves-48
Target score 1star (trans): 10,000 pts
Other features
Number of candy colors 5
Red Yellow Green Blue Purple
Number of
Difficulty Very Hard
Quest progression
Previous Next
999D 1001D


  • 1 extra colors makes this difficult
  • 8 more moves and fewer combos to do makes it easy.
  • Purple candies take part in place of green ones
  • You need red candies as order rather than purple ones
  • The number 1 is now formed with 2-layered icings
  • Puffler is unstable, with only 9 candies making it fall
    • Fortunately, only 3 candies are needed to fill out it.
    • Moon Struck lasts for 3 moves too. Ongoing to a glitch found in SCrash 4.4.1, it can make it EVEN harder since the color got lost can respawn.


One-Star Two Stars All-Stars
10.000 100.000 1.000.000

Dream World


Puffler's Storm

PufflerStorm = 0 Candies

PufflerStorm1st = 3 Candies

PufflerStorm2nd = 6 Candies

PufflerStorm3rd = 9 Candies

Moon Struck

  • 1st: At Moves-45 to Moves-42
  • 2nd: At Moves-39 to Moves-36
  • 3rd: At Moves-33 to Moves-30
  • 4th: At Moves-27 to Moves-24
  • 5th: At Moves-21 to Moves-18
  • 6th: At Moves-15 to Moves-12
  • 7th: At Moves-9 to Moves-6
  • 8th: At Moves-3 to 0


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