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Level 1,412 (Ball Saga)

L1.412 BS Current-1

L1.412 BS Current-2

L1.412 BS Current-3

Episode Candy Crush Ball Saga
Type 071Mixed
Requirements 160,000 points
B1: Regular Jelly: 14   Double Jelly: 49
B2: Jambottle: 9 / 62
B3: Regular Jelly: 7   Double Jelly: 45
CyanCandy: 50   : 50
Moves Moves-96
Target score 1star (trans): 160,000 pts
Other features Evil Spawner (2-Layer Icing  4-Layer Meringue  Icing6)
Number of candy colors 7
Red Yellow Blue Orange Cyan DarkPurple StrawberryCandy
Number of
Number of
spaces in
every board
B1: 63
B2: 62
B3: 52
Difficulty Easy
Quest progression
Previous Next
1411 1413


  • There're 3 boards to handle.
    • 1st and 3rd board have jellies while the 2nd has jam.
  • 7 colors makes it difficult to create special candies.
    • DarkPurple and StrawberryCandy help.
    • StrawberryCandy can work across boards and its range is increased by 50% compared to DarkPurple range.
  • The jam in the 2nd board is in chests.
    • New keys spawn every 2 moves.
  • Magic mixers can produce two, four and now six layered icing.
    • It does it every 2 moves.
    • Unfortunately, they are in all boards but in the 3rd one it never works until you remove the locks.
  • Candy frogs exist in all boards and helps but in the 3rd one, it is in locks.
  • Jellies in the blockers are single here.
    • This only applies to the 1st and 3rd boards as the 2nd one has no jelly to clear.
  • 96 moves are fairly large but not enough for this level.
  • Now you also have to collect 50 Cyan and 50 DarkPurple too. You can finish them in any of the 3 boards but you can't pass the level if you don't collect them in the last board if you failed to do them in the previous boards.
    • 10-layered icing makes it mad.


One-Star: 160,000 points

Two Stars: 320,000 points

All-Stars: 480,000 points


  • Try to clear the blockers first.
  • In the 2nd board, rely on keys to clear the chests and get the ability to spread jam.
  • Don't let the mixers spawn too much icing.
  • Feed quickly the frog and use it when in emergency. It does not cost a move.

Spawns Info

Element Spawn Notes
Elements Notes
  • Spawn 1 every 2 moves.
  • If there are fewer than 2 sugar keys on screen, then the board spawns up to 2 when possible.


  • This is the first level with:
    • Magic Mixers that can spawn 6-layered icing.
    • Mixed level with 071Jelly=071Order=071Jam combo.
  • The number of moves is the same as the default DPI that Microsoft Windows defaults.
  • The candy color scheme for this 7-colored level is unusual. It contains both magicals but it contains Cyan instead of Green.
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