Level Redesigns
Level 1,418 (Ball Saga)
L1.418 BS Current
Episode Candy Crush Ball Saga
Type 071Jelly
Requirements 166,000 points
Regular Jelly: 16   Double Jelly: 16    Triple Jelly: 16   Quadruple Jelly: 16
Moves Moves-30
Target score 1star (trans): 166,000 pts
Other features
Number of candy colors 2
Yellow Blue
Number of
Difficulty Hard
Quest progression
Previous Next
1417 1419


  • Even with 2 colors, it is not easy due to:
    • More jellies
    • Squeezer in Red
    • 2 rows are already provided, making creation of special candies impossible in those rows
  • Only wrapped candies can hit the middle squeezer so 2 colors can create many wrapped candies and fill everything with that juice which disables the creation of special candies
  • All 4 standard jelly layers are present
    • Only one can be seen in each quadrant


One-Star: 166,000 points

Two Stars: 190,000 points

All-Stars: 200,000 points


  • Even if you need 6K more points, you can easily get them by doing tons of cascades
  • Don't use too many wrapped candies in the red squeezer so you can create many special candies to remove the jellies or it will be hard


  • Every standard jelly layer can be seen in this jelly
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