Level 1076 is the first level in Victor's Village and the ?th Candy Order level in Courtemanche437's Candy Crush Saga. To pass this level, you must collect 5 popcorn squares and 30 pieces of coal and score at least 200,000 points within 35 moves. 

Level 1076
Level 1076 C437CCS.png
Episode Victor's Village
Level type Candy Order Levels
Orders Popcorn : 5 Coal : 30
Moves Moves-35.png
Target score 1star (trans).png: 200,000 pts
Blockers Popcorn Coal
Number of
candy colors
Orange.png Green.png Blue.png Purple.png
Number of spaces 73
Difficulty Easy
Previous Current Next
Candy Order levels Jelly Icon.png
Level 1075 Level 1076 Level 1077


Two Stars.png
Score 200,000 245,000 325,000
Difficulty Very Easy Very Easy Easy


  • The orders are worth 170,000 points (5 popcorn squares x 10,000 points per popcorn square + 30 pieces of coal x [3,000 points per piece + 1,000 points per blocker order] = 170,000 points). Therefore, an additional 30,000 points is required to reach the one-star target score.
  • This level introduces a completely new, unique blocker, being coal, which may throw players off because they may not know how it works. It is similar to a licorice swirl in that it can be switched around, but can only be broken with special candies, and gives bonus points for destroying it.
  • There is also popcorn that needs to be worried about which is tougher to deal with as they block striped candies' effects, although they are much less abundant than the coal that needs to be cleared.
  • The presence of four candy colors makes it easier to create special candies and trigger cascades.


  • Create and combine as many special candies as possible in order to remove all the blockers, and try to manage your moves as best as possible, since you don't have a whole lot of them.


  • This level was designed by S256 in Courtemanche437's Coal Contest, which was held on the regular Candy Crush Saga Wiki.
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