Level 115 (UCCS)
Episode Caramel Clearance
Type Mixed (Jelly Colour+Timed)
Requirements 3 red jellies
Time 0:13
Target score 50,000 pts.
Blockers 2 and 4-layered Icing
Other features Special Candy Flow, Candy Cannons, Scale (10)
Number of candy colors 4
Number of
Difficulty Very Hard
Quest progression
Previous Next
Level 114 (UCCS) Level 116 (UCCS)
Level 115 is the tenth level in Caramel Clearance and the 13th mixed level in Unfair Candy Crush Saga. To pass this level, you must turn 3 red jellies to green in 13 seconds.


  • You have 13 seconds.
  • The only way to get more time is to break the two-layered icing blocking the +5 extra time candy candy cannon. One spawns when there's space available.
  • All jellies are hidden under the icing.
  • The flows are confusing and disrupt the timer.
  • The scale is unstable regarding the number of colours.
  • The jellies value 3000 points, an another 47,000 is required to earn a star.


Two Stars
Score 50,000 90,000 150,000
Difficulty Easy Somewhat Easy Somewhat Hard


  • This level has the fourth shortest timer in the game (behind 0:05, 0:08 and 0:10). It's also the only level in the game with a timer of 13 seconds.
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