Level 11 is the eleventh level in CCSTR. It is a jelly level where you must clear 5 jelly squares and aim for at least 10,000 pts in 35 moves.


  • This level has a optimal method: stripped candies. The jellies are simple, in the form of a asterisk in the middle of the board, however, a jelly is located on a isolated square, which is a bit of grief, that means, you have to be careful with stripped candies. However, a alternative is wrapped candies, which also works for clearing.


You are awarded a six-pack of the new booster, Wrap-up, which wraps 2 candies randomly in board, for helping.


  • 1 star: 10,000 pts
  • 2 stars: 15,000 pts
  • 3 stars: 20,000 pts