Level 1 
Special 1
Episode Candy Cities
Level Type Moves icon new
Moves Moves-49
Target Score 1star (trans): 7,000 pts
Blockers None
Number of
candy colors
Pink Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
Number of spaces 49
Difficulty None
Previous Current Next
Moves icon new Moves icon new
N/A Level 1 Level 2

Level 1 is the first level in Candy Cities and the first Moves level. To pass this level you must score 7,000 points in 49 moves or fewer.


  • You must score an average of 140+ points every move.
  • Since the board is empty at the start, candies may fall and automatically make matches, thereby reducing the number of extra points you need.


  • Only candies spawn in this level.
  • Candies do not start from rest.


  • This is the first level in entire game.
  • It's also the first one with pink candies.
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