Level 226 (UCCS)
Episode Tornado Trap
Type Ingredient
Requirements 1 hazelnut, 1 cherry, 2 strawberries
Moves 50
Target score 120,000 pts
Blockers Toffee Tornado, Regular Icing, 2-layered Icing
Other features Candy Cannons, Teleporters, Special Candy Flows
Number of candy colors 6
Number of
Difficulty Very Easy
Quest progression
Previous Next
Level 225 (UCCS) Level 227 (UCCS)
Level 226 is the first level in Tornado Trap and an ingredient level in Unfair Candy Crush Saga. To pass this level, you must bring down 1 hazelnut, 1 cherry and 2 strawberries in 50 moves.


  • The candies will loop in a flow of portals, keeping cascades strong even with six colours.
  • The toffee tornado is in the game! It moves at every move, leaving cracks wherever they land that will disappear when it will move again. It also cannot be removed (except with colour bomb+colouring candy) in any way.
    • However, since this level is a quadrant, it is impossible to remove the tornado as both special candies are uncreatable.
  • An ingredient will spawn at every eight moves unless if one is brought down before then.
  • It is very easy to complete this level since the candies will loop from coloured portal to coloured portal almost indefinitely, unless the tornado gets in the way, and the large amount of moves.
    • If the twister unfortunately lands on an ingredient, it will destroy it, making the level impossible to pass even if more would spawn. The failure message for this situation is "Level not completable! An ingredient has been destroyed!". It also appears when ingredients fall in dead exits.


Two Stars
Score 120,000 150,000 180,000
Difficulty Easy Easy Som. Easy


  • Starting from this level, the tile design has changed.
  • This is the first level with toffee tornadoes.
  • This level mimics the first version of Level 323 by being a quadrant level with quasi-infinite portal loopings.
  • The level's board is reused in Level 260.
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