Reality Past Versions
Level 268 
268 CCSS
Episode Drizzly Drifts
Level Type Ingredients icon new
Ingredients Cherry: 1
Moves Moves-48
Target Score 1star (trans): 40.000 pts
Blockers Locked Candies  Licorice-swirl  4-Layer Meringue
Other features Coconut Wheel Teleporter3  Ingredients Dispenser  ChamDispCCS 40x40
Chameleon Candies (2)
Number of
candy colors
Red Yellow Green Blue
Number of spaces 63
Difficulty Somewhat Hard
Previous Current Next
Jelly icon new Ingredients icon new Candy Order icon new
Level 267 Level 268 Level 269
 Level 268 is the 13th level in Drizzly Drifts and 51st ingredient level. To pass this level you must collect 1 cherry in 48 moves or fewer.


  • The ingredient dispenser is clogged by four-layered icing squares, it can be very hard to remove them.
  • Almost the entire ingredient's way is clogged by icing.
  • Licorice swirls may be hard to get rid of, but they don't respawn.
  • Fortunately, you are provided with three coconut wheels (one being locked).
  • The chameleon candies can help you, or ruin your plans.
  • The presence of four candy colors makes it easier to create special candies (preferably, vertical striped candies).


One-Star: 40.000 points

Two Stars: 50.000 points

All-Stars: 160.000 points

Elements Info

Element Spawn Notes
Elements Notes
  • The maximum number of ingredients on the board is 1.
Chameleon Candies (2)
  • If there are fewer than 7 chameleon candy(ies) on screen, then the board spawns up to 7 when possible.

Code for APK Editor

{"gameModeName":"Drop down", "ingredients":[0,1], "numIngredientsOnScreen":0, "ingredientSpawnDensity":1, "maxNumIngredientsOnScreen":1, "chameleonCandyMax":7,"chameleonCandySpawn":0, "licoriceMax":0,"licoriceSpawn":0, "luckyCandyMax":0,"luckyCandySpawn":0, "mulockCandyMax":0,"mulockCandySpawn":0, "mysteryCandyMax":0,"mysteryCandySpawn":0, "pepperCandyExplosionTurns":0,"pepperCandyMax":0,"pepperCandySpawn":0, "stripedCandyMax":0,"stripedCandySpawn":0, "wrappedCandyMax":0,"wrappedCandySpawn":0, "timeCandyMax":0,"timeCandySpawn":0, "moveLimit":48, "numberOfColours":4, "frogStomachSize":0, "scoreTargets":[40000,50000,160000], "portals":[[[6,8,8192],[2,0,8192]]], "gates":[], "episodeId":0, "levelId":0, "name":"16_13_by_L819", "protocolVersion":"0.3", "randomSeed":0, "tileMap":[ ["005026017","005026017","005011013026","005026017","005026017","002005026","005026043067","002005026","002005026"], ["017","000","006022","000","017","002","002","002","002"], ["017","000","006022","000","017","002","002","002","002"], ["017","000","006010022","000","017","017","017","017","017"], ["017","000","000","000","008043","000","000","000","017"], ["017","017","005017026067","017","017","000","005006022026027","000","017"], ["002","002","002","002","017","000","006022","000","017"], ["002","002","002","002","017","000","006022","000","017"], ["002","002","043","002","017","005026017","011012017","005026017","017"] ]}

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