Reality Past Versions
Level 26 
Episode Fizzy Factory
Level Type Moves icon new
Moves 30
Target Score 1star (trans): 100.000 pts
Blockers Marmalade blank  2-Layer Icing  3-layered meringue
Other features Jelly Fish BlueColor bomb (trans)
Number of
candy colors
Orange Green Blue Purple
Number of spaces 71
Difficulty Hard
Previous Current Next
Moves icon new Moves icon new Ingredients icon new
Level 25 Level 26 Level 27

Level 26 is the 11th level in Fizzy Factory and the 10th moves level. To pass this level you must score 100.000 points in 30 moves or fewer.


  • There are few spaces to create special candies even with four colors.
  • The icing plus the odd shape of the board makes the level difficulty to pass.
  • Color bombs help to boost score.
  • Jelly fish will help if combined with Wrapped Candy blue, otherwise, they are useless.


One-Star: 100.000 points

Two Stars: 125.000 points

All-Stars: 150.000 points


  • This is currently the first level to haven been redesigned after release.
  • After a buff, this is the first level to have 4-Layer Meringue.
  • This is the first Moves Icon to have jelly fish.
  • This is the first level with Hard difficulty!

Code for APK Editor

{"gameModeName":"Classic moves", "chameleonCandyMax":0,"chameleonCandySpawn":0, "licoriceMax":0,"licoriceSpawn":0, "luckyCandyMax":0,"luckyCandySpawn":0, "mulockCandyMax":0,"mulockCandySpawn":0, "mysteryCandyMax":0,"mysteryCandySpawn":0, "pepperCandyExplosionTurns":5,"pepperCandyMax":0,"pepperCandySpawn":0, "timeCandyMax":0,"timeCandySpawn":0, "moveLimit":30, "numberOfColours":4, "frogStomachSize":0, "scoreTargets":[100000,125000,150000], "portals":[], "gates":[], "episodeId":0, "levelId":0, "protocolVersion":"0.3", "randomSeed":0, "tileMap":[ ["002005","002005","002005","002005","000","002005","002005","002005","002005"], ["002","002","002","002","000","002","002","002","002"], ["002","006020","006022","006020","000","006020","006022","006020","002"], ["002","006020","002","049","006022","049","002","006020","002"], ["000","006022","000","006022","025044","006022","000","006022","000"], ["002","006020","002","049","006022","049","002","006020","002"], ["002","006020","006022","006020","000","006020","006022","006020","002"], ["002","002","002","002","000","002","002","002","002"], ["002","002","002","002","000","002","002","002","002"] ]}

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