Reality Past Versions
Level 278 
278 CCSS
Episode Hazelnut Hut
Level Type Jelly icon new
Jelly squares Double Jelly: 13
Moves Moves-50
Target Score 1star (trans): 28.000 pts
Blockers 2-Layer Icing
Other features Striped2 (trans)  Chameleon Candies (2)
Number of
candy colors
Red Yellow Green Orange Purple
Number of spaces 66
Difficulty Somewhat Hard
Previous Current Next
Ingredients icon new Jelly icon new Candy Order icon new
Level 277 Level 278 Level 279
 Level 278 is the 8th level in Hazelnut Hut and 90th jelly level. To pass this level you must crush 13 double jellies in 50 moves or fewer.


  • The jellies are beneath the hard to reach icing.
  • A striped candy spawns every 7 moves, which can make this level slighty easier.
  • 50 moves may not be many for this tricky level.


One-Star: 28.000 points

Two Stars: 45.000 points

All-Stars: 62.000 points

Elements Info

Element Spawn Notes
Elements Notes
Striped2 (trans)
  • Spawn 1 every 7 moves.

Code for APK Editor

{"gameModeName":"Light up", "chameleonCandyMax":0,"chameleonCandySpawn":0, "licoriceMax":0,"licoriceSpawn":0, "luckyCandyMax":0,"luckyCandySpawn":0, "mulockCandyMax":0,"mulockCandySpawn":0, "mysteryCandyMax":0,"mysteryCandySpawn":0, "pepperCandyExplosionTurns":0,"pepperCandyMax":0,"pepperCandySpawn":0, "stripedCandyMax":0,"stripedCandySpawn":7, "wrappedCandyMax":0,"wrappedCandySpawn":0, "timeCandyMax":0,"timeCandySpawn":0, "moveLimit":50, "numberOfColours":5, "frogStomachSize":0, "scoreTargets":[28000,45000,62000], "portals":[], "gates":[], "episodeId":0, "levelId":0, "name":"19_8_by_L819", "protocolVersion":"0.3", "randomSeed":0, "tileMap":[ ["002005","002005","002005","002005","002005","002005","002005","002005","002005"], ["002","002","002","002","002","002","002","002","002"], ["002","000","004006020","033","002","033","004006020","000","002"], ["002","000","004006020","002","033","002","004006020","000","002"], ["002","000","000","033","002","033","000","000","002"], ["002","004006020","004006020","002","002","002","004006020","004006020","002"], ["002","004006020","004006020","000","000","000","004006020","004006020","002"], ["033","033","000","000","004006020","000","000","033","033"], ["033","033","002","002","002","002","002","033","033"] ]}

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