Level 2 is the second level in Creamy Canyon and the first ingredients level. To pass this level, you have to drop 2 cherries in 50 moves or fewer.
Level 2 (CCS:JPE)
Episode Creamy Canyon
Type Ingredients
Requirements 2 Cherries
Moves 50
Target score 20,000
Blockers Sugar Chest (4-layered), Marmalade-covered chocolate, chocolate, five-layered icing, bombs, licorice locks, cake bombs, toffee tornadoes
Other features Conveyor Belts, Coconut Wheel, UFO, Sugar Keys
Number of candy colors 3
Number of
Difficulty Very Hard
Quest progression
Previous Next
Level 1 (CCS:JPE) Level 3 (CCS:JPE)


This was meant to have 6 colors but was taken to 3 for obvious reasons: It would be impossible.

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