Mystery Candy order
This level is tricky!

  • This level is very or entirely dependant on luck. The difficulty can range from very easy to nearly impossible, or even impossible in some cases!
  • This template will be removed when the level is nerfed.

Level 36 is the first level on Crazy Hills. To pass this level you must clear all of the chocolate and score at least 135000 points in 15 moves or fewer.

Level 36 (NCCS)
Level 36 V2 (NCCS)
Episode Crazy Hills
Level type Chocolate levels
Orders Chocolate : 1
Moves Moves-3
Target score 100
Blockers Chocolate
Number of
candy colors
Green Blue Orange
Number of spaces 18
Difficulty Variable
Previous Current Next
Jelly Icon Chocolate levels Chocolate levels
Level 35 Level 36 (NCCS) Level 37


  • The board's shape seems really awkward to clear just one chocolate.
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