Level 36 (UCCS)
Episode Blueberry Barrage
Type Jelly
Requirements 4 double jellies
Moves 31
Target score 12,000 pts.
Blockers Two-layered Icing, Chocolate Spawners, Liquorice Swirls, 14-move Candy Bombs
Other features None
Number of candy colors 7
Number of
Difficulty Somewhat Hard
Quest progression
Previous Next
Level 35 (UCCS) Level 37 (UCCS)
Level 36 is the sixth level in Blueberry Barrage and the 13th jelly level in Unfair Candy Crush Saga. To pass this level, you must clear 4 double jellies with 31 moves.


  • Seven colours. Seven colours...
  • Don't forget to defuse the bomb. A new bomb spawns at each six moves.
  • 31 moves may not be enough.
  • The board is constrained, so shuffles will happen frequently.
  • The liquorice swirls may get in the way easily.
  • The chocolate spawners sandwich one of the double jellies. This is frustrating, I know.
  • The jellies value 8000 points, another 4000 is required to earn a star.


One-Star: 12,000 points

Two Stars: 18,000 points

All-Stars: 24,000 points


  • This level starts three trends.
    • First, it starts a trend where every level ending with x36 or x86 until Level 336 is a jelly level.
    • Second, it starts a very long trend where every X^2 level (36 being equal to 6^2) has a reference to its root. In this level, a new bomb spawns every six moves and there can be six kinds of blockers at a time (chocolate, chocolate spawner, liquorice swirls, candy bomb, sachet and two-layered icing). The last level in this trend is Level 2916 (54^2).
    • Third, it starts a short trend where every eight levels until Level 60 has 14-move candy bombs.
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