Level 427 is the seventh level in Honey Highway and the ninth Jam level in Courtemanche437's Candy Crush Saga. To pass this level, you must spread jam to every space on the board and score at least 60,000 points within 40 moves. 

Level 427
Level 427 C437CCS
Episode Honey Highway
Level type Jam icon
Jam Jambottle: 16 / 71
Moves Moves-40
Target score 1star (trans): 60,000 pts
Blockers Regular Icing
Number of
candy colors
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
Number of spaces 71
Difficulty Hard
Previous Current Next
Timed Icon Jam icon Honey
Level 426 Level 427 Level 428


  • Spreading the jam is worth 55,000 points (55 spaces x 1,000 points per space = 55,000 points). Therefore, an additional 5,000 points is required to reach the one-star target score.
  • The jam is in the trickiest parts to reach on the board, and it is all under icing. Fortunately, however, they are only regular icing squares.
  • 40 moves may not be enough due to the level's slightly awkward shape.
  • The presence of six candy colors makes it harder to create special candies and trigger cascades.


  • Try to play towards the sides of the board to have the greatest chances of removing the icing in order to spread it wasier.
  • Take advantage of any opportunity to create special candies and combine them with others, because they can help spread a lot of jam at once.

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