Reality Insaneworld Past Versions
Level 4 CCSO
Level 4 CCSO
Episode Apple Arena
Type Jelly Icon
Requirements Regular Jelly: 61
Moves 57
Target score 1star (trans): 55,000 pts
Blockers None
Other features None
Number of candy colors 6
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
Number of
Difficulty Somewhat Easy
Quest progression
Previous Next
Level 3 CCSO Level 5 CCSO

Level 4 is the 4th Apple Arena and the 1st Jelly Level of Candy Crush Saga Olaf : (CCSO)

Past Versions

See Here


6 colours will make it hard to create special candies

All the spaces have Jelly but thankfully they are Single Jelly, and not Double Jelly


One-Star: 55,000 points

Two Stars: 75,000 points

All-Stars: 100,000 points


Clearing all the jellies gives the player enough points to reach target score.

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