Level 51 (CCSS)
Candy Crush Sunny Saga Level 51
Episode Yoghurt Town
Type Chocolate levels
Requirements Chocolate: 9
Moves 20
Target score 1star (trans): 10,000 pts
Blockers Chocolate
Other features None
Number of candy colors 6
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
Number of
Difficulty Very Easy
Quest progression
Previous Next
Level 50 Level 52

Level 51 is the first level of Yoghurt Town and the first chocolate level. To pass this level, you must clear all the chocolate from the board and score at least 10,000 points within 20 moves or fewer. When you complete the level, Sugar Crush is activated.


  • This is the first chocolate level.
  • As such, there will be tutorials on how to complete the level.
  • On the first move, Mr. Toffee will suggest you to create a horizontal striped candy.
  • On the next move, Mr. Toffee will ask you to detonate the horizontal striped candy, thus winning the level.


One-Star: 10,000 points

Two Stars: 20,000 points

All-Stars: 30,000 points

Candy Crush Sunny Saga Level 51
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