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Reality Past Versions
Level 563 
Episode White Chocolate Walls
Level Type Candy Order Levels
Order Green Candies: 75   Yellow Candies: 75
Multilayered Icing: 150
Moves Moves-25.png
Target Score 1star (trans).png: 250.000 pts
Blockers Licorice Lock  Licorice Swirl  5-layered Icing  Toffee Tornado
Other features Striped Candy  Wrapped Candy  Lucky Candy
Mystery Candy  Candy Cannon  Candy Cannon
Number of
candy colors
1 to 3
(Yellow CCJS.pngGreen CCJS.png)Blue CCJS.png
Number of spaces 41
Difficulty Very Hard
Previous Current Next
Moves Icon.png Candy Order Icon.png Candy Order Icon.png
Level 562 Level 563 Level 564

Level 563 is the 8th level in White Chocolate Walls and the 126th candy order level in Candy Crush Sugar Saga. To pass this level you must collect 150 icing layers, 75 green candies and 75 yellow candies in 25 moves or less.


  • Althrough there is only one color spawning, this level is very tricky.
  • The player can only combine special candies on this level, where the striped + wrapped candy cannon is.
  • Licorice locks block the lucky candy dispenser, which are needed to collect the orders.
  • Licorice swirls make it harder to collect the orders.
  • Five-layered icing helps in the icing order.
  • Mystery candies spawn on the two 2x2 boards, with conveyor belts, they give special candies most of the time, thus, making the level easier and possible to beat.
  • Toffee tornadoes can help, but they will not last very long in this level.


  • Combine the striped candies at the start from down to up to destroy the candies on the two 2x2 squares to allow the mystery candy cannons to spawn mystery candies.
  • When mystery candies spawn special candies, create combos with them.
  • Any combo with Color Bomb is very effective in this level.


One-Star.png: 250.000 points

Two Stars.png: 500.000 points

All-Stars.png: 1.400.000 points

Elements Info

Element Spawn Notes
Elements Notes
  • If there are fewer than 15 licorice swirls on screen, then the board spawns up to 15 when possible.
Mystery Candy.png
  • If there are fewer than 50 mystery candies on screen, then the board spawns up to 50 when possible.
Lucky Candy Blue.png
  • If there are fewer than 10 lucky candies on screen, then the board spawns up to 10 when possible.
Striped2 (trans).png
  • If there are fewer than 6 striped candies on screen, then the board spawns up to 6 when possible.
Wrapped blue.png
  • If there are fewer than 6 wrapped candies on screen, then the board spawns up to 6 when possible.


  • This is the second level with only one candy color spawning and the first 1-colored Candy Order Levels.
    • Also, this is the first 1.3-colored level (a one colored level in which up to 3 colors can appear on screen due to coming from lucky candies).
  • Levels with only one color are very rare and are usually tutorial levels, but this level is a hard one.
  • Candy Cannon are introduced in this level.

APK Editor Code

{"_itemsToOrder":[{"item":3,"quantity":75},{"item":6,"quantity":75},{"item":17,"quantity":150}],"chameleonCandyMax":0,"chameleonCandySpawn":0,"episodeId":0,"frogStomachSize":0,"gameModeName":"Order","gates":[[[0,7],[1,7],[1],[1]],[[1,7],[7,7],[1],[2]],[[7,7],[8,7],[1],[2]],[[8,7],[0,7],[1],[1]]],"initialMovesDuringMoonStruck":5,"initialMovesUntilMoonStruck":20,"isOwlModeEnabled":false,"leftWeightToTriggerMoonStruck":10,"levelId":0,"licoriceMax":15,"licoriceSpawn":0,"maxAllowedScaleDiff":9,"moveLimit":25,"mulockCandyMax":0,"mulockCandySpawn":0,"mysteryCandyMax":50,"mysteryCandySpawn":0,"luckyCandyMax":10,"luckyCandySpawn":0,"stripedCandyMax":6,"stripedCandySpawn":0,"wrappedCandyMax":6,"wrappedCandySpawn":0,"name":"38_8_by_L819","numberOfColours":1,"pepperCandyExplosionTurns":3,"pepperCandyMax":0,"pepperCandySpawn":0,"portals":[],"protocolVersion":"0.3","randomSeed":0,"rightWeightToTriggerMoonStruck":10,"scoreTargets":[250000,500000,1400000],"tileMap":[ ["002005026031","002005026028068","000","002005008026028068","000","002005008026028068","000","002005026028068","002005026031"], ["002","000","002008","000","002008","000","002008","000","002"], ["000","006023","000","002008","000","002008","000","006023","000"], ["005026031037","000","052","000","006023","000","052","000","005026031037"], ["006023","002","000","002008","000","002008","000","002","006023"], ["037","000","002008","000","002008","000","002008","000","037"], ["000","000","000","000","000","000","000","000","000"], ["002005031","002005031","000","000","005045071072","000","000","002005031","002005031"], ["006023","006023","000","000","046","000","000","006023","006023"]],"totalWeightToTriggerMoonStruck":20,"useSplitWeightConditionToTriggerMoonStruck":false,"useTotalWeightConditionToTriggerMoonStruck":false}