Level 566 is the 11th level in Ice Cream Castle and the 23rd Jam level in Courtemanche437's Candy Crush Saga. To pass this level, you must spread jam to every space on the board and score at least 75,000 points within 50 moves. 

Level 566
Level 566 C437CCS.png
Episode Ice Cream Castle
Level type Jam levels
Jam Jambottle.png: 7 / 66
Moves Moves-50.png
Target score 1star (trans).png: 75,000 pts
Blockers Marmalade  2-layered White Chocolate  6-layered Chest
Other features Wrapped Candy  Color Bomb  Candy Cannon
Number of
candy colors
Red.png Green.png Blue.png Orange.png Purple.png
Number of spaces 66
Difficulty Easy
Previous Current Next
Honey.png Jam levels Soda Icon.png
Level 565 Level 566 Level 567


Two Stars.png
Score 75,000 115,000 150,000
Difficulty Very Easy Very Easy Easy


  • Spreading the jam is worth 59,000 points (59 spaces x 1,000 points per space = 59,000 points). Therefore, an additional 16,000 points is required to reach the one-star target score.
  • A key spawns every 5 moves from the dispensers.
  • While the white chocolate at the bottom of the board may seem intimidating, the nearby chests contain wrapped candies and color bombs, which can make them practically a non-issue. Furthermore, this is where all of the jam already on the board is located. So, by unlocking the chests, and with the right moves, this level becomes a lot easier.
  • The presence of five candy colors is fairly conducive to the creation of special candies and cascades.


  • Until 15 moves have gone by, it doesn't really matter when you clear the marmalade holding the three keys already on the board, so instead focus on clearing as much of the white chocolate right out of the gate instead to give yourself a head start when the wrapped candies and color bombs are unlocked.
  • Once the chests are opened, try to combine the color bombs with wrapped candies. This will spread the jam over a huge area and can end the level pretty quickly.

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