Reality Past Versions
Level 655 
655 CCSS V2
Episode Gummy Grove
Level Type Candy Order icon new
Order Orange: 500   Wrapped2 (trans): 50
Toffee-Tornado: 11
Moves Moves-22
Target Score 1star (trans): 40.000 pts
Blockers Toffee-Tornado
Number of
candy colors
Orange CCJSGreen CCJSBlue CCJS
Number of spaces 69
Difficulty Easy
Previous Current Next
Jelly Color icon new Candy Order icon new Jelly Color icon new
Level 654 Level 655 Level 656

Level 655 is the 10th level in Gummy Grove and 143rd candy order level in Candy Crush Sugar Saga. To pass this level you must collect 500 orange candies, 50 wrapped candies and 11 toffee tornadoes in 22 moves or less.


  • There are very many orange candies to collect.
  • 50 wrapped candies are needed too, but there are three colors in this level, which makes it easy to create special candies such as wrapped candies.
  • The toffee tornadoes must be collected in this level, due to being desired for the order.
  • When all toffee tornadoes have been phased, the level becomes a lot easier.


  • Make as many wrapped candies as possible and activate them to get more orange candies and wrapped candies.
  • Create at least two Color bomb (trans) + Wrapped2 (trans) combinations to get many wrapped candies at once. This is the best idea for this level.


One-Star: 40.000 points

Two Stars: 80.000 points

All-Stars: 120.000 points


  • This is the first level to require toffee tornadoes for the order.
  • This was a 2-colored level before buffed to have 3 candy colors.

APK Editor Code

{"protocolVersion":"0.3","gameModeName":"Order","numberOfColours":3,"randomSeed":0,"qa":false,"scoreTargets":[40000,80000,120000],"portals":[],"gates":[], "_itemsToOrder":[{"item":4,"quantity":500},{"item":7,"quantity":50}], "episodeId":0,"levelId":0,"isOwlModeEnabled":false,"luckyCandyMax":0,"luckyCandySpawn":0,"licoriceMax":0,"licoriceSpawn":0,"mulockCandyMax":0,"mulockCandySpawn":0,"pepperCandyMax":0,"pepperCandySpawn":0,"pepperCandyExplosionTurns":0,"mysteryCandyMax":0,"mysteryCandySpawn":0,"chameleonCandyMax":0,"chameleonCandySpawn":0,"stripedCandySpawn":0,"stripedCandyMax":0,"wrappedCandySpawn":0,"wrappedCandyMax":0,"fallingIcingMax":0,"fallingIcingSpawn":0,"frogStomachSize":0,"evilSpawnerElements":[],"evilSpawnerAmount":0,"evilSpawnerInterval":0,"moveLimit":25,"extraMovesMin":0,"extraMovesSpawn":0,"name":"44_10_by_L819","tileMap": [["002005","002005","002005","002005","002005","002005","002005","002005","002005"], ["002","000","002","002","002","000","037","037","002"], ["002","002","000","002","002","002","000","037","002"], ["002","002","002","000","037","002","002","000","002"], ["002","002","002","037","037","037","002","002","002"], ["002","000","002","002","037","000","002","002","002"], ["002","037","000","002","002","002","000","002","002"], ["002","037","037","000","002","002","002","000","002"], ["002","002","002","002","002","002","002","002","002"]]}

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