Level 66 (CC811)
Level 66 CC811
Episode Jujube Jungle (CC811)
Type Ingredients Icon
Requirements Strawberry: 1
Moves 24
Target score 10000
Blockers Licorice-swirl
Other features None
Number of candy colors 5
Red Green Blue Orange Purple
Number of
Difficulty Very Easy
Quest progression
Previous Next
Moves Icon Level 65 (CC811) Jelly Icon Level 67 (CC811)

Level 66 is the 1st level in Jujube Jungle (CC811) and the 18th ingredients level in the game. To pass this level you need to bring down 1 strawberry and score 10000 points in 24 moves or fewer.


  • The new licorice swirl is here. A blockler which are resistant to striped candies.
  • The huge amounts of licorice swirls are difficult to remove.
  • 5 colors makes things much easier.
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