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Level 66 (CCFaSS)
Level 66 (CCFaSS).jpg
Episode Sweet Dimension
Level type Ingredients Levels
Ingredients Hazelnut: 3
Moves Moves-25.png
Target score 1star (trans).png: 50,000 pts
Blockers None
Other features Teleporter
Number of
candy colors
Orange.png Green.png Blue.png Purple.png
Number of spaces 62
Difficulty Easy
Previous Current Next
Jelly Icon.png Ingredients levels Candy Order Icon.png
Level 65 Level 66 (CCFaSS) Level 67

Level 66 (CCFaSS) is the first level in Sweet Dimension and the 19th Ingredients level in Candy Crush Fun and Sweet Saga. To pass this level, you must collect 3 hazelnuts and score at least 50,000 points in 25 moves or fewer. When you complete the level, Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points.


  • Teleporters are introduced in this level.
  • The ingredient exits are hard to reach.
  • If the ingredient spawns on 4th and 6th row, the ingredient needs to slide through the tile in order to bring it down.
  • 4 levels helps you create special candies that will help bring down the hazelnuts quickly


One-Star.png: 50,000 points

Two Stars.png: 100,000 points

All-Stars.png: 145,000 points


  • Try to create vertical striped candies and activate it on the row where the hazelnuts will teleport.
  • If a hazelnut spawns on 4th and 6th row, make sure to slide it on the isolated grid. And then match the candies under it or switch the color bomb with the color under the isolated grid.


Teleporter are introduced in this level.