Level Redesigns
Level 799
Super Saga Level 799 V1
Episode Super Saga Ep103
Level type M72 Reverse Order Logo
Moves Moves-7
Target score 1star (trans): 0,200 pts
Anti order Orange: 100

Color bomb (trans): 2

Blockers None
Number of
candy colors
Green Blue Orange
Number of spaces 44
Difficulty Somewhat Hard

First Version

This version was available before 4 March 2017
  • It was a completely different M72 Reverse Order Logo level with 7 moves
  • Tagret score were TOO LOW


  • Activating 2 colorbombs or collecting 100 Orange makes it death
  • Colorbomb spawns every move
  • There are only 7 moves to survive the anti-orders, making it much easier than ever
  • There're 3 colors which may accidentally activate 2 colorbombs
  • The lower board has some double locks, making it slightly easier to pass


One-Star: 0.200 points

Two Stars: 0.700 points

All-Stars: 1.200 points


  • In those 7 moves, try not to remove the locks since colorbombs can start spawning
  • Rely less on collecting Orange since it may cause you to lose
    • The same must be on the colorbombs but you can still activate one but if two, then you end up in lose.
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