Level 848 is the eighth level in Grape Grotto and the 17th Mixed (first Ingredients Icon + Timed Icon + Candy Order Icon) level. To pass this level, you must collect 18 cherries, 30 sugar keys, and 400 dark purple candies, and score at least 300,000 points within 1 minute and 40 seconds. 

Level 848
Level 848 C437CCS
Episode Grape Grotto
Level type Mixed Level
Time 100 seconds
Ingredients Cherry: 18
Orders Sugar Key : 30 DarkPurple: 400
Target score 1star (trans): 300,000 pts
Blockers WhiteLicorice  GreenLicorice  YellowLicorice  Sugar Chest  Two-layered Sugar Chest
Three-layered Sugar Chest  Five-layered Sugar Chest  Six-layered Sugar Chest  Honey2
Other features Ingredients Dispenser  Ingredient & Sugar Key Dispenser
Number of
candy colors
Green Blue Orange Purple DarkPurple
Number of spaces 73
Difficulty Very Hard
Previous Current Next
Ingredients Icon Mixed icon Honey
Level 847 Level 848 Level 849


Two Stars
Score 300,000 440,000 560,000
Difficulty Easy Medium Hard


  • The cherries and orders are worth 250,000 points (18 cherries x 1,000 points per cherry + 30 sugar keys x 1,000 points per sugar key + 400 dark purple candies x 100 points per dark purple candy = 250,000 points). Therefore, an additional 50,000 points is required to reach the one-star target score.
  • Thick blockers guard the drop zones, but also a slew of +5 candies that can make the difference between passing and failing the level.
  • Fortunately, there are dark purple candies present, which can help make the task of opening up the board easier, and they're also required anyways.
  • The presence of six candy colors makes it harder to create special candies and trigger cascades, although this is mitigated by the about point.


  • Waste no time in collecting the keys when they spawn, as you'll need to unlock the chests as soon as possible to free the cherries trapped within and get them past the licorice swirls and honey. 
  • Generally, your objective in this level should be to make special candy matches with dark purple candies. They'll help you not only destroy the blockers, but also whittle down on the objective of just simply collecting them.

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