Level Redesigns
Uarrow This level has been recently buffed

A recent change was made to this level to make it arguably harder, causing the information to undergo a major change. A new difficulty is yet to be decided.

Booster bubblegum troll This level is hell!
  • This level is currently nearly impossible to beat without boosters.
  • This is probably caused by an objective which requires extreme insane luck to fulfill.
  • This level is currently one of the hardest, if not the hardest level in the game.
Level 909 Κορα Κορε 1
Super Saga Level 909
Episode Super Saga Ep108
Level type Bubblegum Icon
Moves Moves-33
Target score 1star (trans): 20,000 pts
Blockers None
Number of
candy colors
Red Green Blue Purple DarkPurple
Number of spaces 81
Classification Supersagaleveloutline2
Difficulty Nearly Impossible - Browser
Hard - Κινητό
Previous Current Next
Jelly Icon BubbleGumType Chocolate levels
Level 908 Level 909 Level 910

Level 909 (Super Saga) is the 4th level in Episode 108 and the ?th jelly level in Candy Crush Super Saga. To pass this level, you must clear all thd bubblegum and score at least 20,000 points in 33 moves. If you have renaming moves or special candies left in this level, Super Sugar Crush will activate striped candies and score you additional points.


  • You have now half moves of the previous version now to remove the bubblegum
  • The empty locks require special candies to be removed.
  • Bubblegum is now in Peppermint sticks which means that you have to remove them to clear bubblegum in those areas
    • If a peppermint stick tile is with bubblegum tangle, you can't light up 0.5 stages by normal matches or special matches unless you remove the tangles from them
    • On web, it can negate it by 50%, making it even more harder
  • 6 of the 15 bubblegum are also in lock
  • 5 colors and DarkPurple helps


One-Star Two Stars All-Stars
20.000 25.000 30.000


  • Try to remove the peppermint sticks and the tangles from the bubblegum as soon as you can
  • Don't let the bubblegum tangle the board
    • Please note that bubblegum can tangle a part of peppermint sticks, unlike other immovable blockers and you can't light it until you remove the tangle
  • Make good use of DarkPurple


  • This is the 2nd level that introduces something inside the peppermint stick (Bubblegum under it)
  • Before 28 November, it had 66 moves
    • It was Somewhat Easy but Very Hard on Web
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