Reality Past Versions
Level 993 
Light Green Candy Test
Episode Candied Clouds
Level Type Mixed Level
Jelly squares Double Jelly: 53
Ingredients Hazelnut: 2
Moves Moves-25
Target Score 1star (trans): 120.000 pts
Blockers Whitechocolate2  Licorice-swirl  2-Layer Icing  4-Layer Meringue
Other features Ingredients Dispenser
Number of
candy colors
Number of spaces 59
Difficulty Undetermined
Previous Current Next
Candy Order icon new Mixed icon new
Level 992 Level 993 Level 994

Level 993 is the 3rd level in Candied Clouds and ?th (?th jelly-ingredients) mixed level in Candy Crush Sugar Saga. To pass this level you must crush 53 double jellies and collect 2 hazelnuts in 25 moves or less.


  • The blockers are very tricky to clear, especially the four layered icing.
  • Lime green candies make this level easier since they can do double damage on blockers and on jellies.
  • Two layered icing must be cleared to let the ingredients spawn. Thankfully, there is a fixed color of LightGreen placed near them.


  • Rely on LightGreen to pass the level easier.


One-Star: 120.000 points

Two Stars: 200.000 points

All-Stars: 250.000 points

Elements Info

Element Spawn Notes
Elements Notes
  • Ingredient spawn density: 1 move.
  • The maximum number of ingredients on the board is 2.
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