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Licorice Lock, also known as Liquorice Lock, Liquorice X, Liquorice Cage, X Lock, or Locked Candy is a blocker in Candy Crush Saga and most fanons. It is somewhat common in the game, and is quite a difficult blocker to get rid of, especially when there are lots of them. The blocker looks like a locked door, with liquorice surrounding the outside of the square and an X-formation over the candy.


Fanon First appearance Final appearance Number of levels
CCR Level 36 TBA TBA
T9CCS Level 28 - -
C437CCS Level 16 TBA TBA
CCTJ Level 21 TBA -
K3N's Candy Crush Level 36 for CCFaSS and CCSSS TBA TBA


If a candy under this blocker is matched, it will only be considered as "released from captivity", meaning that it will not disappear, but you will still get 60 points. If a match of 4 or more is performed, you will still get the corresponding special candy.

Such a match is only considered as destroying the blocker, and it can be viewed as having the blocker reveal its content. It won't destroy any blockers beside the opened locked candy, nor will it disappear if a special candy is used. Not even a color bomb. If a candy bomb is inside one of these, it can be very dangerous as it requires two hits to remove the bomb.

During Sugar Crush, any locked special candy will shake off the lock and detonate.

Much later, the lock can be seen holding a piece of chocolate, a piece of white chocolate, or a licorice swirls. In this case, the locked object doesn't work until the lock (or "cage") has been broken by a special candy.

Double Liquorice Locks

  • Double licorice locks appear in some fanons but not in the real game. Their appearances vary; some fanons have double licorice locks that are white (Double Lock), while others have double licorice locks with a * shape instead of a + shape (Double Lock). They are licorice locks that take two hits to remove. Any element which can be encased in regular licorice locks can be encased in double licorice locks.

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