A one-layered licorice swirl

Licorice Swirl (A.K.A. Licorice Wheel, Liquorice Swirl, or simply Licorice) is a common blocker in any Fanon. It is the second type of blocker involving licorice, the first being Licorice Lock. The blocker looks like a swirl of black licorice and a dot of cream in the middle, taking up an entire square.


Licorice CCR
First Appearance Last Appearance
Licorice-swirl Level 81 TBA
WhiteLicorice Level 876 TBA
RedLicorice Level 1161 TBA
Licorice Super Saga, the doublex of Sagas
First Appearance Last Appearance
Licorice-swirl L8 L710
Locked Licorice Swirl L16 L710
WhiteLicorice L217 L710
RedLicorice L609 L609
Licorice Candy Crush Jelly Saga
First Appearance Last Appearance
Licorice-swirl Level 81 TBA
Sugarcoatedspiral TBA TBA
Licorice Trinket9's Candy Crush Saga
First Appearance Layers
Licorice-swirl Level 61 1
WhiteLicorice Level 406 2
RedLicorice Level 511 3
BlueLicorice TBA 4
GreenLicorice 5
YellowLicorice 6
Licorice Candy Crush 811's Saga
First Appearance Last Appearance
Licorice-swirl 66 TBA

597 (Unnofficially)

666 (Officially)

RedLicorice 756 TBA
Licorice Courtemanche437's Candy Crush Saga
First Appearance Last Appearance
Licorice-swirl Level 32 TBA
WhiteLicorice Level 631 TBA
RedLicorice Level 661 TBA
BlueLicorice Level 706 TBA
GreenLicorice Level 766 TBA
YellowLicorice Level 796 TBA


The licorice swirl is an invasive blocker, meaning no candies can be in the same square as the blocker, much like Icing or chocolate. Like most blockers, it can be disposed of through breaking the candy next to it.

The licorice swirl has several unique properties. It is one of the only blockers that can actually be clicked on and switched with candies. Getting three licorice swirl blockers in a row does not get rid of it though unlike candies.

Another strange, and quite possibly one the most annoying properties is that they are resistant to special candies and their combinations. If a striped candy hits a liquorice swirl, it will get rid of the blocker but won't get rid of any other candies beyond it. This can become a serious problem in later levels involving jelly or ingredients.

Many later levels use this blocker to increase difficulty due to their special candy resistance.

If you make a move which removes at least one liquorice swirl immediately, it's less likely to respawn in the following cascades. Otherwise, it may be raining into the board, greatly reducing effective moves.

Locked Licorice Swirls


Locked Licorice Swirl

Locked licorice swirl

In CCR, since level 759, the licorice swirls can be under the licorice locks. The locked licorice swirls require special candies to clear the licorice lock as well as locked chocolate. However, the locked licorice swirls are not resistant to special candies.

Candy Crush Super Saga

In Super Saga, locked swirls require special candies to be removed in locks. In double, they require 2 hits and they ARE resistant to special candies when you remove 1 layer of the lock.


Licorice swirls are seen under locks for the first time in Candy Castle, from level 97 onwards. They aren't resistant to special candies when under locks.

Licorice Swirls Under Marmalade


Since level 891 in CCR, the licorice swirls can be under the marmalade. The marmalade layer is similar to licorice lock that is not resistant to special candies. However, they can match candies adjecant to clear the marmalade as well as ones covering the regular and special candies.


Swirls under marmalade first appear in Candy Castle, level 103 and they aren't resistant to special candies.

Multilayered Licorice Swirls


Double licorice swirl



Triple licorice swirl

Since level 876, licorice swirls can appear to have two layers. Every layer is resistant to special candies. After breaking the white swirls, it leaves the black swirl layer.

And since level 1161, licorice swirls can also appear to have three layers. Clearing red licorice swirl layer will make it white.

Unlike multilayered Waffle, cake bomb explosion takes only one layer off for multilayered licorice swirls.


In T9CCS, double licorice swirls are introduced in episode 29, from level 406 onwards. Three, four and five layered swirls are introduced in episode 36, from level 511 onwards.


Quadruple licorice swirl


In C437CCS, double licorice swirls are introduced in Licorice Factory at Level 631. Triple licorice swirls first appear in Licorice Lush, starting at Level 661. Quadruple licorice swirls first appear in Twizzler Temple, starting at Level 706.


Quintuple licorice swirl

Green quintuple licorice swirls are introduced in Cookie Countdown from Level 766 onwards. Yellow sextuple licorice swirls are introduced in Bittersweet Bowling Alley from Level 796 onwards.


Sextuple licorice swirl

Candy Crush Special Saga

  • In Candy Crush Special Saga, there are multiple types of licorice swirls, each with their own colour. There are no multilayered licorice swirls in this fanon; each type of licorice swirl only takes one hit to destroy. The colours and corresponding properties are as follows:
  • Black: Regular Licorice Swirl
  • Red: Can only be destroyed by adjacent matches or colour bomb + colour bomb combination
  • Blue: Can only be destroyed by special candy combinations (even striped candy + striped candy)
  • Green: Absorbs striped candy effects without being destroyed by them. When destroyed, all striped candy effects absorbed by the green licorice swirl will be unleashed.
  • Yellow: Can move by itself and is immune to gravity.
  • Purple: Can only be destroyed when submerged in soda.
  • Orange: Can emit a glow that protects all elements around its radius from damage but explodes like a wrapped candy when destroyed.
  • White: Indestructible by normal means, can only be removed if replaced by another element or brought to a fire tile or red ingredient exit.
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