Lime green candy (LightGreen) is a candy color present in some fanons like Candy Crush Sugar Saga. It is its own candy color. The first level featuring lime green candies in Candy Crush Sugar Saga is level 991.

Lime green candies have special properties like dark purple candy and white candy.


  • Spawns like any normal candy;
  • Special candies can be created with LightGreen like any candy (except DarkPurple and White Candy);
  • They do double damage to blockers when hit by LightGreen (i.e. a single hit with LightGreen near two layered blockers like Whitechocolate2  2-Layer Icing will destroy them entirely), or a four layered blocker like 4-Layer Meringue can be destroyed with two hits of LightGreen;
  • They can destroy a double jelly in one match;
  • If a LightGreen candy is affected by a color bomb when there are icing squares or double white chocolate nearbly, both blockers will lose two layers instead of usual one with any other color;
  • Popcorns can be destroyed with two LightGreen special candies hits, as opposed of three with other colors;
  • Cake bombs can be destroyed with up to 4 hits with LightGreen, instead of up to 8 with any other color;
  • Five or six layered blockers can be destroyed with 3 hits of LightGreen;


In Trinket9's Candy Crush Saga, lime green candies first appear at level 526 in the episode Butter Buffet. Their properties work the same as in Candy Crush Sugar Saga. After its introduction lime green candies can be quite common, and levels usually rely on them to clear extremely thick blockers (like 6-layered honey or icing) in a small number of moves.


In Courtemanche437's Candy Crush Saga, lime green candies first appear in Level 1496 in the 99th episode.


  • This is a normal candy, but it can be considered as a special candy.


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