Liquorice Lakeside banner
Episode 3
World World 1
Levels 31-45
Character Sea Lion
New features See the "new things" section of this page
Difficulty Somewhat Easy
Released February 4, 2016
Quest progression
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Wafer Woods TBA

Liquorice Lakeside is the 3rd episode of Steve's Candy Crush. The episode contains 5 Moves Icon levels, 5 Jelly Icon levels, and 5 Ingredients Icon levels.

Levels begin to get even more interesting here. Some of the levels can be hard to pass, and levels with all colors from 2 to 8 are in this episode.


Before episode:

  • A sea lion's liquorice structure has fallen on the lake shore. Tiffi sees the sea lion with a frown and a fallen structure, and she asks, "What's the matter?". The sea lion responds with, "My precious well-done structure made out of liquorice has fallen!" Tiffi says afterward, "Don't worry, I'm here to fix it."

After episode:

  • Tiffi uses her magical powers to put the structure back in place. The sea lion gets excited and thanks Tiffi, by saying: "Yay, my structure is fixed! Thanks girl!".

New things

  • Chocolate (Level 31): A blocker which spreads if the player doesn't clear it. It can be broken using adjacent matches or special candies.
  • Three-layered icing (Level 35): This one is similar to previous 2-layered icing and single-layered sachets, but this icing requires three hits from adjacent matches or special candies to clear.
  • Jellies completely isolated from the board and unreachable by even striped candies, only color bombs and fish candies can remove it (Level 36)
  • 2-colored levels (Level 41)
  • Target score exceeding one million (Level 34)
  • Target score of 10 million+ (Level 42)
  • Quadrant board (Level 44)


Liquorice Lakeside contains levels 31-45.

There are 5 Moves Icon, 5 Jelly Icon, and 5 Ingredients Icon levels in this episode.

This episode contains 1 very easy level, 4 easy levels, 3 somewhat easy levels, 2 medium levels, 4 somewhat hard levels, and 1 hard level. Overall, it is harder than the previous episode, Wafer Woods.

Level gallery

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