Liquorice Lounge is the seventh episode of LDWUL's Candy Crush Saga and the second episode of Flavourful Favourites. This episode contains levels 61-70. The champion title of this episode is Honoured Guest.


Before Episode

Tiffi sees a man that is trying to lift a few liquorice blocks but he cannot.

After Episode

Tiffi creates some wheels on top of the liquorice blocks so that the man can push the blocks. The man thanks Tiffi.

New Things

  • Level 61: Candy Bombs are introduced.
  • Level 63: Bomb Cooler booster is introduced.


Levels Level Type
61 Moves
62 Moves
63 Moves
64 Jelly
65 Ingredients
66 Jelly
67 Timed
68 Jelly
69 Moves
70 Ingredients


  • As the name suggests, every level in this episode has liquorice swirls and/or locked candies.
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