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The lucky candy is a type of special candy that originates from the first game and appears in most fanons.


  • Most of the time, this candy only appears in candy order levels.
  • When opened, it generates a random candy that is required as part of the order.
  • This candy is often mandatory, since many later levels (both in the real game and in fanons) require something that doesn't appear or spawn, leaving this candy as the only way to win.
  • It can be dispensed from cannons, just like in the real game.
  • If it appears in a non-candy order level then it will generate either a random special candy or whatever else is required to complete the level, i.e. jelly and ingredients.
  • Some mixed level combinations or level types may not have enough jelly/ingredients/icing,etc. so the lucky candies are programmed to generate the respective element needed to clear the level. This hasn't happened in the real game.


  • Lucky candies first appear in Level 234, in the 16th episode.


  • Here is a list of elements that the lucky candy can generate in fanons but not in the original game:
    • More colors (such as cyan and dark purple)
    • More special candies (such as coconut wheels, UFOs, coloring candies, mystery candies and other lucky candies)
    • More blockers (such as licorice locks, multilayered icing, marmalade and cake bombs)
    • Jelly and ingredients (when appearing in other level types in some fanons).
    • Fanon elements (such as strawberry chocolate).